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Forex glossary

Here we will mention some of the most commonly used terms in Forex Trading.

The asking price - sometimes called at the offered price, a market in which traders can buy the currency by price. Ask prices are displayed in the right side of the bid - for example a pair Eurodollar 1.1965 / 68 - This means that one euro can be purchased using the US $ 1.1968.

Bar graph - is the type of charts used in technical analysis. Each time division on the chart is displayed in the form of a vertical bar displays the following information - the top of the tape refers to the higher price, the bottom of the tape refers to the minimum price, the horizontal line to the left of the opening ribbon horizontal line to the right displays the price of the tape shows the closing price.

The base currency - the first currency in a currency pair. Show prices how much one unit of the base currency is equal to the second currency. For example, in a quote - the dollar yen 112.13 - this means that the US dollar is the base currency and shows where US $ 1 = 112.13 yen.

The bid price - is the price at which the trader can sell currencies Bey in his possession. Tender price appears in the left side of the bid - for example the euro to $ 1.1965 / 68 - means that one euro can be sold for US $ 1.1965.

Asebred supply demand - represents the difference between the bid price and the ask price in any offer .alasebred price represents fees charged by Forex broker is different from one broker to another.

Mediator - is the mediator between the seller and the buyer. Most forex brokers be associated with major financial institutions and earn money by placing Asebred or the difference between demand and supply prices.

Chart candles - is the type of charts used in technical analysis. Each time division on the chart is displayed in an image-candle in the form of a vertical bar with a red or green stretches up and down the body of the candle. Summit extension displays the highest bidder in the bottom of the extension shows the lowest price. Red candles indicate the level of the lowest close of the opening levels, with green candles indicate a rise in prices.

Currency Crosses - is a pair that does not include the US dollar - for example EUR / GBP.

Currency pair - it is a two currencies are included in one forex transactions - for example Eurodollar.

Economic indicator - is a statistical report issued by governments or academic centers to introduce economic conditions in a country.

First of Ward I. (FIFO) - refers to the closure of trading orders on the basis of liquefaction orders that were opened first order.

The foreign exchange market exchange (forex) - is a market which is the sale of a currency in exchange for another currency sale at the same time.

Fundamental analysis - is to analyze the economic and political conditions that could affect the prices of currencies.

Margin or leverage - is the ratio of the value of the transaction required to be deposited. The usual margin in forex trading is 1: 100 - the sense that you can be traded worth 100 times the amount of money you have deposited.

Limit orders - trading is buying or selling a particular currency is when it reaches a certain price level.

Croaker - is the size of the treatment of Forex. Standard of lots equal to one hundred thousand US dollars.

Major currencies - the euro German mark, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen.

Secondary currencies - for example the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar is a secondary currency.

One-cancels-other (OCO) - means putting trade at the same time with instructions to cancel the second thing is if the implementation of the first order, any cancellation, one of them in the event of the implementation of the other thing.

Open position - is the active trading center or which has not been closed yet.

Bib or point - is the smallest unit of currency can trade them.

Currency displayed - is the second currency is one currency pairs. For example, in the Eurodollar pair, the dollar is the currency displayed.

Extension - means to extend the timing of the settlement of spot transactions to the current delivery time. Price extension is calculated using swap points on the basis of differences in interest rates.

Technical Analysis - is a historical market data analysis in order to predict future movements in the market.

The mark - is the minimum change in price.

Treatment - is the cost of the cost of treatment Forex - usually the Alasebred between demand and supply prices.

Volatility index - is a statistical measure indicating the direction of the movement of sharp price within a certain time scale.